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Dog Walking Services

Exercise is important for all dogs. However, some owners have to work overtime and cannot get home. Other owners cannot exercise their pup due to injuries or the pup is high energy. There are owners that work at home and cannot get away from the desk. We are here to make life a little easier and stress free by helping your dog get their exercise. Older dogs and puppies may need to be let out frequently. Puppies can only hold their bladder for as many months they are old plus one hour: A puppy that is three months old, can only hold their bladder for four hours.

"A tired dog is a good dog, and a good dog has a happy owner."

Dog Walking Service in Greeley

Take note: As the weather gets warmer, we do the hand and foot test on the cement where if it is too hot for us to walk, we will not subject your dogs to this either. We advise to walk them in the early morning or the later evening when it is cooler.

For information or to schedule service, please call or text 970-702-4737 for immediate service or Contact Me. I look forward to hearing from you!