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Behavior Modifications:

Did you know that a lot of behaviors that we deem unacceptable are actually self-rewarding for your dog? Through Behavior Modifications I will help you redirect your dog into doing something more acceptable while appealing to their instincts. Such as looking to you for direction when they see a dog walking by instead of lunging and barking at them.

Behavior Modifications is strictly a client to client service. Each dog is different, has different triggers, and responds to different things. One plan does not fit every dog. This kind of training requires me to come evaluate the situation and create a plan specifically for that client. Examples of behaviors that fall into this service is: Digging, Aggression of all sorts, Chewing, Jumping, House Breaking, Bolting, and more.

For information or to schedule service, please call or text 970-702-4737 for immediate service or Contact Me. I look forward to hearing from you!